Fitness means different thing to different people. Generally to be fit means more than simply being able to perform your daily activity with ease. The human body is magnificent, extremely sophisticated machine. Its many parts (206 bones, more than 600 muscles and joints, connective tissue, nerves, organs & vessels) can produce infinite number of movements, positions & postures which provides the stability & mobility needed for effective human performance in sports and the activities of daily living. Optimum physical fitness is often defined as the condition resulting from a lifestyle that leads to the development of an optimum level of cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength & endurance, flexibility as well as the achievement and maintenance of ideal body weight. The type of exercise that develops Cardiovascular endurance is not very effective in developing an optimum balance of muscular strength, flexibility training usually increases the range of motion about a specific joint but is not effective for improving cardiovascular endurance or muscular strength. Resistance training is the best way to increase strength but it not the most effective way to improve cardiovascular fitness. In other words every individual must participate in a variety of exercises to achieve optimum (balanced) physical fitness.

Traditional training has often been based on improving the aesthetic qualities of an individual. The isolation training popularized by bodybuilding is an excellent method for developing muscle growth and strength. But what determines success in performance in any activity or sports is being able to express the coordinated strength of one's body not the isolated strength of any one muscle. Acquiring this coordinated strength (what we called as functional strength) is a matter of learning how to control one's own body.

Dr. Ajgaonkar's OFZ has introduced revolutionary concept where only power you use is our own. We believe that training first starts with the premises of loading an exercise internally, before externally loading it with a machine, dumbbell or barbell. Bodyweight training teaches the body to do exactly that – control its movement in any position, under any load and at any speed. We train to move our bodies better and erform better. Therefore we use bodyweight training exercises to develop body awareness and control. By using Body weight training we can also train and develop four components of physical fitness i.e. cardiovascular, Muscular strength & endurance, Flexibility & body composition. as well as skill related component i.e. speed, agility & quickness, power, balance, co-ordination.

The best way to attain this is through 'Small Group Training' (SGT). SGT is a new dimension of fitness by merging group fitness with personal training. It offers team support combined with guidance from certified knowledgeable fitness trainer/s to accomplish your individual goals. SGT offers fitness workouts that focus primarily on a specialized format individual program and skill development.

We offer variety of Group Body Transformation Workout sessions (viz. yoga, high performance yoga, ballistic kettlebell, body weight leverage training, core strength & conditioning, super cardio, boot camp and effective circuit training. These workout sessions are available throughout the day and are motivating, challenging and inspiring. It demands full engagement of body and mind, improve your stamina, biological fitness, posture, balance, strength, endurance, flexibility, and very effective for reducing your overall body fat. It will help you to get in the best shape of your life. These workout sessions can be made more diverse, effective and creative with recreational values using different props viz. medicine and stability balls, pilate rings, resistance tubes, aerobic steppers, TRX, kettlebell, agility ladders & cones etc.

Yoga, Pranayam & Meditation

Yoga is regarded as a science as well as a method that allows man to live a harmonious life while favoring his spiritual progress through the control of mind and body. The Asanas and Pranayama which are practice at our fitness zone not only help an individual acquire perfect health, stay young and live longer but it designed to develop the inner force that enable them to overcome their failings and withstand stressful situations with serenity. It prepares their bodies for higher stages of yogic practice such as concentration and meditation. Yogahas been highly recommended and studied in its relationship to stress and is helpful in alleviating stress & its effects. The practices performed at our fitness zone ranges from intense to moderate to relaxed asana sequences, plus pranayama & meditation. In addition we offer yogic cure for common diseases such as diabetes, asthma, arthritis, High blood pressure, thyroid disease.

Key Health Benefits

• Provides a lean well-proportioned body thus maintaining healthy body composition.
• Lengthen & strengthen the muscles while improving body posture, flexibility, balance and builds stronger bones.
• Increased aerobic capacity (stamina)
• Ideal insulin functioning thus maintaining blood sugar levels.
• Lowering cardio metabolic risk factor s associated with multiple diseases
• Maintain healthy cholesterol levels.
• Sharpen mental focus and happier outlook on life.
• Reduction of depression and anxiety, lengthen lifespan, strengthen the immune system & improves quality of life.

Salient Features of Our Fitness Zone:

• Training latest fitness trends with certified experienced trainers
• Personal attention (not more than five members in one training session).
• Health counseling for special population clients.
• Learn how to perform the essential movements, exercises & mat work routines using various props to isolate muscle for targeted results with appropriate form using   scientific techniques.
• We educate our members not just on how to execute a move but explain what the benefits are and which muscle group it works.
• Provides team support, encouragement, timely motivation and avoid boredom.
• Offer a variety of new workouts in multiplanar plane with twice the results in half the time.
• Effective communication of current health & fitness issues through periodic displays of related newsletters/articles.
• Expert advice on nutrition and health related issues
• Advice on strength & condition for sports person.