Improve Your Endurance With These 6 Easy Tips


Not only is it important to stay healthy, it is also important to stay fit. Thanks to our hectic lifestyle, more than often our fitness regime takes a back seat. Also, at times when you want to work out, you realize you have an extremely low endurance level that makes you back out. Here are 6 tips to improve your endurance levels:

1. Take One Step at a Time: Ensure that you do not overdo when you are working out or running. Always take baby steps and slowly taper-up your limits. Like, if you want to train for a 3 kilometer run then start with 1 kilometer and slowly inch forward.

2. Remember to Warm Up: This is the biggest reason why most people complain of low endurance levels. It is important to warm up for at least 10 minutes before starting your workout or running sessions.

3. Dress Appropriately: You might not realize, but in case you are dressed inappropriately it will cause discomfort, that will pull down your endurance level a few notches. Hence, ensure that you wear comfortable shoes and clothes when you want to work out.

4. Treat Yourself with a Day Off: Another mistake most people make is to over stress themselves by working out regularly. We do not realize the fact that every day our body goes through wear and tear and needs a rest day in between to rejuvenate and regain energy.

5. Eat Healthy: You have to eat healthy to build up your endurance levels. This will not happen by munching on junk food as your blood sugar and cholesterol levels spike.

6. Track your Performance: In order to understand if your endurance level has gone up or not please keep a track of your performance. See where you are starting from and see where you end. This can only be done by tracking.